Types of Shrimp

Types of ShrimpAs the most popular seafood in the U. S, shrimp is also a great source of protein, low fat and great amount of omega3 acid. Before it reaches your flavorful and delicious seafood dish served at home or in your favorite seafood restaurant it goes through various processes, that all go back to water, the source of life and also where shrimp grow. Live shrimp can be found in all ocean water, fresh water lakes and streams (where one can find freshwater shrimps).

Since the 1970s the global demand for shrimp increased enormously (the United States being the largest consumer and importer of shrimp) and shrimp farming developed as a viable agricultural option for the countries in South East Asia – that provide more than 75% of the world’s farmed shrimp. Shrimp farming can be done in marine (saltwater) conditions or freshwater conditions.

In the US, all around its coast line there are five different types of shrimp: pink shrimp, white shrimp, brown shrimp, royal red shrimp and rock shrimp. They are all categorized according to the color of their shell. Pink shrimp can reach the largest size (jumbo shrimp) whereas the white shrimp has a high popularity among chefs because of its unique texture. Sea shrimps are mostly found in the Mediterranean area of Europe (Italy, Greece, and Spain), whereas in the US the majority of shrimp used in restaurants are ocean shrimp.

You can find fresh shrimp all year round (choose the raw unpeeled headless shrimp) or frozen shrimp in your local supermarket. For a higher quality and more flavorful dish always choose fresh shrimp. For cooking tips click on the “Cooking Shrimp” page to find out more about how to prepare a delicious shrimp dish!